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Choosing your destination

You might already have an idea of where you would like to travel. If so, there are a number of organisations you can call for advice. You will find their contact information later on in this factsheet.

If you are undecided, or if you haven’t got a holiday provider in mind, there are many organisations who specialise in accessible holidays. You can find a list of some of them in this factsheet.

Through these companies, you can seek advice on your destination or type of holiday (cottage holiday, theme park break, abroad beach holiday, cruise, Disney holiday, and so on) and they can provide guidance on which hotels or locations might be the most suitable for your needs.

Depending on how far you would like to travel, there may be some resorts or locations which might be more suitable for your mobility needs.

Consider first how much travelling you would like to do, whether there is a way you would prefer to travel and who you would like to travel with, as this can help you choose your destination.

Advice on holidays and travel

Tourism for All is a voluntary organisation that provides free information and advice to disabled adults and children, carers, single parent families and elderly people.

It provides details about accessible accommodation, transport, special interest holidays, insurance and respite care. It also publishes a range of information sheets about holiday places in the UK and the rest of the world.

Tourism for All tries to match a person's specific needs with information held on its computer database, once a holiday questionnaire form has been completed.

It covers holidays offered by commercial organisations and holidays organised by voluntary groups in the UK and abroad.

Some of the hotels and self-catering accommodation inspected and listed by Tourism for All are offered at discounted rates for members through its reservation line 0845 124 9973.

Tourism for All Pixel Mill 44 Appleby Road Kendal Cumbria LA9 6ES

Tel: 0845 124 9971





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When booking through an accessible holiday provider, it is always worth asking them if they are able to hire equipment on your behalf as part of your holiday package.

Of course, you should always check that the equipment available is suitable for you before agreeing to any charges.

British Red Cross

Will sometimes lend equipment for medical purposes.

Tel: 0844 8711111



 National Mobility Hire

Offer long- or short-term hire solutions to mobility needs.

Tel: 08700 949 808



Mobility Equipment Hire Direct

Offers long- and short-term mobility equipment rental. They are able to hire equipment in the UK as well as abroad.

Tel: 0800 994 9000


Always get an assessment done before purchasing.



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If you are using a powered wheelchair, consider whether it is essential to take it.

Don’t forget to also take the charger and an adapter suitable for the country you are travelling to.

Have the wheelchair checked before you leave to minimise the risk of a breakdown during your holiday.

Try to find out in advance if there is anywhere you can have your wheelchair serviced should something happen during your trip. If you are travelling within the UK and have a breakdown then the local wheelchair service repairs may be able to help.

If you are travelling by air, check with the airline about transport of the wheelchair.

Always make sure your travel or home insurance also covers your powered wheelchair or any other equipment you need to take on your holiday.

Some hotels will have manual wheelchairs available for hire, but these are often first come, first served.

If you use a wheelchair infrequently but aren’t sure if you will need one while on holiday, it is worth checking with your potential accommodation to see if they have any available.

If you will be travelling to a theme park on your holiday, it is a good idea to check their accessibility provision. Some theme parks in the UK and abroad provide manual wheelchairs for hire, but these can rarely be booked in advance.

Mobility scooters can be hired at some theme parks, including Disney World Florida, but this is rare in the UK. If you are going on a beach or countryside holiday, it is worth thinking about how you are going to navigate the terrain.

Some beach hotels provide beach wheelchairs for rent, and most countryside resorts (for example, Center Parcs) have pathways that you can stick to if your wheelchair is unsuitable for grassy or muddy areas.

It is always worth calling in advance to make sure you will be able to get out and about easily.


Holiday Insurance

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When taking out travel insurance with your holiday provider, always check that it covers medical treatment and does not exclude ‘a pre-existing medical condition’.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal for insurance companies to charge a disabled person more for an insurance policy without evidence that proves that the disabled person is a greater risk than a non-disabled person.

The insurance providers listed below specialise in catering for disabled people or people with a pre-existing medical condition.

Muscular Dystrophy UK cannot endorse any particular insurance company; you need to make sure that you are happy with the company you choose.


Specialists in providing travel cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Telephone: 01892 829501



All Clear Travel Insurance Services

Offers travel insurance for everyone regardless of age, medical conditions or travel destination

Telephone: 01708 339026


Columbus Direct

Offers specialised travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Telephone: 0800 068 0060



Freedom Insurance Services Ltd

Specialises in providing travel insurance to people living with pre-existing medical conditions.

Tel: 01223 446914



Provides travel insurance to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Tel: 020 3829 3875



The Insurance Helpline

Provides travel insurance for people with a pre-existing medical condition.

Tel: 0141 248 9787



Website with insurers listed:


Holiday finance

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The Family Fund

May be able to offer assistance for holidays to disabled children under 16 in the UK.

Unit 4, Alpha Court Monks Cross Drive Huntington York, YO32 9WN

Tel: 01904 550055



FHA - The Family Holiday Association

This is a holiday charity for families in need, which may provide funding for a one-week holiday in the UK.

Applications should be made between October and November for the following year as funds tend to be spent by March.

3 Gainsford Street London SE1 2NE

Tel: 020 3117 0650



3H Fund (Helping Hands for Holidays)

Organises subsidised group holidays for disabled children and adults.

It also provides grants, when available, to families on low income. Grants are sometimes limited to specific areas of the UK or to a particular demographic.

B2 Spelding Business Park Langton Road, Speldhurst Tunbridge Wells Kent TN3 0AQ

Tel: 01892 860 207




Accessible holidays

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Access Travel

Specialises in holidays for disabled people and provides wheelchair accessible accommodation abroad. Special aids, adapted vehicles, nursing and care are also available at some locations.

Tel: 01942 888 844



Bond Holidays

An accessible hotel just off the Blackpool coast, which specialises in catering for guests with disabilities.

Tel: 01253 341218




Provides holidays and respite care for disabled children, young adults and families with special needs, at centres in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Tel: 01603 670100



Calvert Trust

Has three centres for activity and outdoor holidays in the UK. Specialises in activity holidays for people with disabilities.

Exmoor Tel: 01598 763 221

Kielder Tel: 01434 250 232

Keswick Tel: 01768 772 255


Enable Holidays

Provides overseas holidays for disabled pople and their families and friends.

Tel: 0871 222 4939



Holidays with Help

Organises holidays for large groups of people with disabilities. It has a team of volunteers that assists the guests on location.



Disabled Holidays

Arranges holidays in the UK, abroad or on cruises, for people with mobility needs.

The team will also arrange accessible trips to Disneyland Paris and Disney World Florida, theme park breaks and can arrange for additional support and care for some holidays booked through their website.

Tel: 0161 804 9898


Jubilee Sailing Trust

Aims to promote integration of disabled and able-bodied adults through adventure tall ship holidays. It also has a youth scheme for 16- to 25-year- olds.

Tel: 023 8044 9108



Limitless travel

Provides accessible package holidays and tours.

Tel: 0800 069 8060




Organises accessible activity holidays for adults and children.

Courses cover subjects such as art, pottery, music, drama, photography, canoeing and horse riding.

Tel: 020 8667 9443



SHARE Holiday Village

A fully accessible holiday site for individuals and families in Northern Ireland.

Tel: 028 6772 2122


For more information about travel agents, tour operators and camping, you can visit

Remember, it is always advisable to check all the details listed in brochures and travel guides to make sure that the holiday and/or accommodation is suitable for your individual needs.




Other useful contacts

Other useful contacts d.doran@muscul… Tue, 05/25/2021 - 09:23

Carry My Luggage

Provides luggage delivery with a door-to-door service for UK, Europe, USA and other worldwide destinations.

Tel: 0845 009 0362


Matching Houses

A house exchange website where people with disabilities swap houses with others who have the same accessibility needs.


Disability Rights UK

Publishes a range of books about living with a disability, including guides to planning holidays and transport. Also sells the Radar Key and guide which gives the holder access to over 9,000 accessible toilets in the UK.

Tel: 020 7250 8181



Offers disabled adults and children the opportunity to try seating and transfer options before they fly, with the help of a trained occupational therapist.

Tel: 020 8770 1151