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We do this by:

  • Creating elearning resources
  • Open-TACT - online neuromuscular physiotherapy resources hub
  • Updating physiotherapists on the latest information about muscle-wasting conditions
  • Holding training events - MDUK hosts quarterly neuromuscular physiotherapists webinars to help physiotherapists, from specialists to no experience, to better support people with a neuromuscular condition.

Join our physiotherapists network to access this support and link in with other physiotherapists in the UK by emailing our Policy team at 

Adult physiotherapy elearning module

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The purpose of the module is to provide helpful information for community or neuro-physiotherapists to build a foundation of knowledge and skills around the management of muscle-wasting conditions in adults.


The module focuses on 11 short topics that develop critical understanding of the management of muscle-wasting conditions. The topic areas, which include four core topics and seven optional topics, are:

  • overview of neuromuscular conditions (core topic)
  • pathology and presentation of neuromuscular conditions (core topic)
  • assessment and outcome measures (core topic)
  • exercise (core topic)
  • orthotic management
  • respiratory management
  • transition
  • contracture management
  • postural management
  • wheelchairs and mobility
  • fatigue


The module allows you to decide which topics you wish to complete. If you complete the core topics plus two optional topics, you will be able to request a certificate for your CPD file.

Accessing the module

You can sign up and take the physiotherapy e-learning module for free via this link.

SMA reach uk

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The project which is funded by Muscular Dystrophy UK alongside partner SMA charities will ensure high quality data is inputted into a new database available to all neuromuscular teams in the UK who see patients with spinal muscular atrophy.

Below are some helpful resources for physiotherapists seeing people with spinal muscular atrophy:

More information on SMA REACH UK can be found on its website.