Top tips and ideas

If you’ve asked everyone you can to sponsor you online, but want to boost your donations with a little extra fundraising, why not try some extra fundraising initiatives to boost your donations?

Here are some of our top fundraising ideas:

At work

  • Caption competition: find a funny picture of a holiday or office party for colleagues to caption, and charge per entry.
  • Raffle a holiday day: ask your boss to donate a day’s holiday that can be raffled off.
  • Dress Orange: Get everyone involved with #TeamOrange by taking part in a themed ‘mufti day’
  • Swear box: put a swear box in the office and fine those who can’t mind their Ps and Qs.
  • Sweepstakes: create a vested interest in a sporting event, with your own office sweepstake.
  • Cake sale: get baking and sell cakes and biscuits in the office.
  • Cook up a storm: Make a healthy breakfast or brunch for colleagues for a fee.
  • Keep it in the news: if you have a company newsletter or intranet, send in some information about your office fundraising activities.

With children

  • Dress up at school: fancy dress is always a favourite with children!
  • Silence is golden: get a bit of peace and quiet; challenge the children to a sponsored silence at school.
  • Pupils vs teachers: hold a quiz or a football match and see who really rules the school!

On a budget

  • Go cold turkey: give something up, like your normal 3pm snack, and use the savings to raise a little extra.
  • The multi-tasker: if you can, why not walk or cycle to work? You can get fit and donate the money you save on travel.
  • Clean up: offer a car wash service in your neighbourhood, or for your friends and family.
  • It’s in the bag: ask your local supermarket if you can bag people’s shopping in return for a donation.
  • Presents galore: if it’s your birthday coming up, suggest that friends or family sponsor you instead of giving you presents.
  • Bets on your time: If you’re taking part in any sort of timed race do a sweepstake on your own time- one participant per finishing time and the person closest gets a prize.

Boost your money

Matched fundraising – Ask your employer about matched fundraising: many employers will donate an amount to your cause based on how much you have raised yourself, which is a massive incentive for all your friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

Gift Aid it – The Gift Aid scheme enables charities to reclaim tax on donations, which means Muscular Dystrophy UK receives an extra 25p for every £1 donated – at no cost to you or your sponsors.

If your sponsor is a UK tax-payer, their sponsorship money is eligible for Gift Aid, but remember to write their name clearly on your sponsorship form – we need their surname and initial; include their home address in full (including postcode) as well as the amount they personally donated. Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box, and don’t forget to send us the original forms, otherwise we cannot claim the Gift Aid. If sponsors donate via your online site, the site will do this for you.

Shout about your work – Contact your local fundraising manager and ask them to help you get some press. Sharing your story will help promote your fundraising event to the local media and help you to reach your fundraising targets.