It’s Game On

Join gamers across the UK in a mission like no other, and support our vital work in MDUK’s new gaming challenge.

 It’s game on to beat muscular dystrophy – coming to console near you.

Create your challenge by choosing your console, which game you’ll play, and the crack team you’ll assemble. Whether it’s a marathon, tournament or a speed run, we’ll support you in using JustGiving and Twitch to stream your game to friends, family and fans. And, by raising money, your mission will help ours, to find effective treatments and cures for all muscle-wasting conditions.

How to get your game on

  • Choose which console or PC you are going to play on

Sign up to Twitch so that you can livestream your gaming sesh to friends and supporters.

  • Create your challenge

Will it be a gaming marathon, tournament or speed run? Set a date and make sure you and your team are free.

  • Plan which game or games you’ll play and the crack team you’ll assemble

The possibilities are endless and it’s entirely up to you. Taking on your challenge with friends, family or colleagues is a good idea, particularly if you’re planning a lengthy gaming marathon or a gaming tournament.

  • Share your challenge

Use WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your gaming challenge and JustGiving page. Don’t forget to tag MDUK in your social posts, too.

  • It’s Game ON!

Make sure you plan to eat and drink things that are healthy and will give you energy whilst gaming and take regular breaks.Most of all, enjoy! You’re doing something amazing.

Sign up today.