How we spend your money

We promise that every penny donated to Muscular Dystrophy UK will be put to great use.

We fund a range of research projects and are the most determined charity. We will not back down until we have achieved the change that is needed. You can trust us to do that.

You may prefer to leave us to allocate your donated funds, or you may wish to choose exactly where your money will go, perhaps because of an association with a particular condition which drives you to fund research into that condition. In some cases you might like to support a specific area of our work, for example clinical fellowships in neuromuscular research or our helpline.

Whether it is for research, campaigning for independent living or our care and support services, your support makes a difference.


Since 1959 we have invested more than £55 million in high quality research into muscle-wasting conditions. This has been possible only through the generosity and dedication of our supporters.

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We campaign to improve the quality of life of people who live with a muscle-wasting condition and for them to have access to the specialist healthcare, welfare support and emerging treatments they need.

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Care and support

Last year we responded to more than 56,000 requests for help concerning care and advocacy.

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Impact reports

Read about the significant progress we make as a charity each year due to your donations