Your questions answered Writing your Will

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about gifts in Wills.

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact the Legacy team on 0300 012 0172 or at Some common questions are also answered below:

I don’t have a lot to leave, can I still leave a gift to MDUK in my Will?
We are extremely grateful for all the gifts we receive in wills. No matter how large or small, they all make a difference.

Isn’t it better for me to give to you now, rather than wait until I die?
Both ways are great. Some people choose to help us throughout their lifetime and also with a gift in their Will. Some people are unable to support us as much as they wish in their lifetime but leave MDUK a share of their assets to support us in the future.

Can I add MDUK to my existing Will?
Yes you can. If you simply wish to add a gift to us you can do so by including a codicil with your Will. But you should use a solicitor to do this, to make sure it fits smoothly with the rest of the gifts in your Will. It can be easier just to rewrite your Will using our Free Will Service.

Can I choose how my gift to MDUK is spent?
Yes. We understand that you may want your gift to go towards specific services or research into a condition. Just get in touch with Azma Davé on 0300 012 0172, or at for more information on restricting your gift.

Do I need to tell MDUK about a gift I’m leaving?
It is completely up to you. We would love to know so we can thank you and also make sure we don’t ask you about this type of giving again. From time to time, we would also like to invite you to meet our scientists, to hear from them what is happening in research and how your gift might be used in future, if this is of interest to you.

What if I change my mind about a gift to MDUK?
 If you change your mind or if your personal circumstances change, you are free to change your Will as many times as you wish. You don’t need to let us know either; it is entirely your choice.