Your questions answered Friends of MDUK

Some frequently asked questions about Friends of MDUK membership:

Will Friends of MDUK receive additional information to keep up-to-date and informed on progress?
Friends of MDUK will not receive additional information as such. All of MDUK’s information is available to everyone who needs it, and is not linked to payment.

I am a member but my wife isn’t, can she get the benefits?
Yes, Friends of MDUK membership is per household so she too can book discounted tickets to our National or Scottish conference. For clarity, we suggest you register everyone at your address so they can all benefit.

How many publications will I receive?
Members will receive printed copies of our publications; Campaign Newsletter twice a year and the Impact Report once a year. These are also available online to all.

Is the cost £15 or £18?
Being a Friend of MDUK costs £18 a year, dropping to £15 when you pay by Direct Debit. This is because we have found that Direct Debit is the most efficient way for us to minimise administration time – and costs – and we’d like to pass on this saving to you.

What conferences can I get discounts for?
All Friends of MDUK get 50 percent discount on the charity’s annual National Conference and Scottish Conference when they are held as in-person events. 

Can I get all these benefits straightaway when I sign up?
You will qualify for the conference discounts straight away, and we will send you Campaign Newsletter when it is next published.