Selling or donating second-hand equipment

For a number of reasons, those with muscle-wasting conditions may find they have mobility aids and equipment they no longer use. There are many options to sell or donate this equipment.

This factsheet applies to equipment that you own – not equipment loaned to you by Social Services, the NHS or a charity. Equipment that is not yours should be returned to the organisation concerned.

Some mobility equipment can be donated or sold for someone else’s use. It is important to note, though, that most equipment needs to be carefully assessed for the individual who will be using it.

Some types of equipment – wheelchairs for example – are made to the right size and specifications, and are modified to meet an individual's needs. So that means not all equipment can be sold or used by anyone else.

If you want to sell or donate any equipment that you own, but no longer need, one of the below organisations may be able to help.

Selling equipment

The Disability Equipment Service (DES)

An online marketplace for new and used equipment.

Tel: 07845 041678



The Mobility Market

A website where you can list your second-hand mobility equipment for sale.

Tel: 0161 788 8676




Commercial firms

Some firms are willing to buy back second-hand equipment, such as stair lifts, which can be reconditioned and re-sold. Contact your supplier to see if this is an option.


Donating equipment

Salvation Army

Some local Salvation Army branches will accept donations of second-hand wheelchairs. Contact your local branch to find out more.



Disabled Equipment Sent Overseas (DESO)

DESO accepts donations of crutches, walking sticks and wheelchairs,. They then take these overseas to give to people who need this equipment, but find it difficult to get.

Tel: 01227 766949





Accepts donations of prosthetic limbs, orthotic parts, crutches, frames and wheelchairs. They distribute these overseas to children and adults in need of mobility equipment.

Tel: 0800 052 1174




Recycle Mobility Centre

Accepts donations of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, powerchairs, scooters and profiling beds. The Centre accepts equipment that may need repairing, or refurbishment. They then sell these at a reduced price, making the equipment more accessible.

Tel: 07592 581425