Insurance is a financial product sold by insurance companies. Its purpose is to protect you from the financial loss caused by an unexpected event. This could be an accident where you are injured or damage to your possessions.

When you buy insurance, you enter into a contract with an insurance company. You will make a one-off payment or regular payments to that insurance company who will provide you with cover. They will then pay you when a situation included in your insurance policy/contract happens and you make a claim. The amount you are paid depends on your policy. 

There are several types of insurance. Some are legally required and some are advised. 

    Muscular Dystrophy UK cannot endorse a particular insurance company. Please make sure you are happy with the company you choose. 

    We have information on the following types of insurance:

    • Travel insurance
    • Equipment insurance
    • Car insurance
    • Life insurance

    The Equality Act 2010 exists to protect you from discrimination. However, the law does allow insurers to differentiate between disabled and non-disabled people if there is evidence that a disabled person is at a higher risk of making a claim. The insurer must be able to justify such a risk assessment with information from a reliable source. 

    Insurers can choose whether to offer you insurance on this basis and can charge you higher premiums. This means that finding certain kinds of insurance can be harder for people with muscle-wasting and weakening conditions.