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The Colman Centre for Specialist Rehabilitation Services provides multi-disciplinary neuromuscular clinics for adults and young people from the age of 16.

The Colman Centre is one of the specialist services provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust. Referrals are received from GPs, Consultants or from the Neuromuscular care advisors for patients within the catchment areas of the Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

In line with national guidelines, patients are seen in a multi-disciplinary setting at the Colman Centre with a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Neuromuscular Care Advisor, senior Physiotherapist and senior Occupational Therapist being in regular attendance. A specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Rehabilitation Nurse may also attend. Unfortunately, there is no access currently for neuromuscular patients to Psychology services.

The team has established working links with the neurology, orthopaedic, orthotic, gastroenterology, cardiology, respiratory and dietetic teams at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and at the other District General Hospitals in the area. The Norwich-based Wheelchair Assessment Centre is part of NCH&C so close links are maintained with this service.

The service sees patients with neuromuscular disorders resulting in complex disability from a rehabilitation perspective with the aim of maximizing function. Advice regarding to and provision of specialist equipment may be given, vocational issues and adjustments to the home and work settings. A full review of the patients health needs is carried out and continuing health care assessments may be required and checklists can be carried out by the team. Appropriate medical review is also undertaken during the appointment. Appointments last up to one hour and sometimes a separate visit is made for a thorough physical assessment. Home visits may be offered if travelling to the clinic is not feasible.

How to access the service

In order to access this service a person must be referred by either a Consultant, their GP or via the Neuromuscular Care advisor.

The team

Dr Kate McGlashan

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr McGlashan leads the neuromuscular clinics at the Colman Centre and has been seeing neuromuscular patients since 2000. Dr McGlashan is working with colleagues to develop a smoother transition service for young people moving into adult services. She has a special interest in the use of aerobic exercise as therapy and completed her MD thesis in exercise training after stroke.

Joni Cox

Specialist Physiotherapist

Joni is a specialist neurological physiotherapist who has supported the neuromuscular clinic since 2013. Her main interest is in posture management as well as maximising function and independence for the people who are referred to the service. She works closely with other staff as a multidisciplinary team to achieve the patients goals. Her other interests include supporting people with complex acquired brain injury, spinal injuries, and post polio syndrome.

Other key people in the team include:

  • Penny Yates, Specialist Occupational Therapist
  • Liz Joyner, Specialist Rehabilitation Nurse



Clinics are held at The Colman Centre

  • Multidsicplinary Neuromuscular clinic