The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre

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The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre
Queen Square

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The Neuromuscular Complex Care Centre (NMCCC) is located at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and has been set up to make access to health services easier and outcomes better for patients with neuromuscular and inherited metabolic disorders who need highly complex nursing and medical care.

By bringing multi-disciplinary care under one roof in the first centre of its kind in the country, the NMCCC aims to improve outcomes by giving more patients a longer and better quality of life, and reduce unplanned admissions to hospital which increase stress on both patients and carers.

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery – which has some of the world’s leading neurologists in neuromuscular diseases and a multi-discipline team including a respiratory physiotherapists and gastroenterologists, has built the dedicated centre from the ground up around patients’ needs.

How to access the service

To attend the clinic you must be referred by either by your GP, consultant or physiotherapist.

The team

Dr Rosaline Quinlivan

Clinical Lead

Dr Rosaline Quinlivan is the clinical lead for the nationally commissioned service for ‘McArdle disease and related disorders’ and leads on Transition. In 2010, she was appointed as a consultant to Great Ormond Street Hospital. She previously directed the Wolfson Centre for Neuromuscular Disease in Oswestry and led the muscle service at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Professor Michael Hanna

Consultant Neurologist

Professor Michael Hanna is a Consultant Neurologist and Director of the MRC Centre. He runs the specialist muscle services and the Nationally Commissioned services for mitochondrial diseases and Muscle channelopathies in partnership with the muscle clinical team. He is the Director of the Institute of Neurology, University College of London.

Dr Chris Turner

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Chris Turner has been working as a consultant at the MRC Neuromuscular Centre and UCLH since 2007. He has a specialist interest in muscle disease and runs a twice monthly myotonic dystrophy clinic at Queen Square.

Other key people in the team include:

  • Doctor Michael Lunn, Consultant Neurologist
  • Doctor Matthew Parton, Consultant Neurologist
  • Professor Mary Reilly, Consultant Neurologist


The NMCCC is a 6 bedded in-patient facility. Patients are admitted for one to five nights depending on their needs. The unit can set up NIV and provides cough assist machines if needed.