Double your Donation 2023

Our Double Your Donation campaign sees every pound you donate on the dedicated campaign page between Tuesday 28 November and Tuesday 5 December being doubled. Thanks to a group of our generous trusts and donors who will give a pound for every pound you give.


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Why is this important? 

More than 110,000 adults and children in the UK live with a muscle weakening or wasting condition. 

This can be exhausting, stressful and lonely, with endless medical appointments, physiotherapy, treatments, and respiratory support.  

Progressive conditions get worse over time. They can cause difficulty walking, swallowing, breathing complications, pain, heart problems and failure. Life can be more challenging or cut short. 

That’s why for over 60 years we’ve been funding groundbreaking research and life-changing support. 

How your donation will make double the difference 

We have made advances that would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago and with your help we can go even further, faster. We fund groundbreaking research with the aim of finding treatments for all types of muscle wasting and weakening conditions.  

In recent years there have been great advances, with 13 new treatments either available on the NHS or being assessed. While this progress is exciting, there are still over 50 conditions where people don't have access to a treatment, and still far too many people without access to a diagnosis.

By funding pioneering research, we change the future of people living with muscle wasting conditions. 

Henry aged six lives with Becker muscular dystrophy

A blonde boy sits in the park on a bench. He smiles at the camera.

We know that MDUK will pull us and Henry through. And with them funding research into so many conditions, it feels like there's hope for the future too; not just for Henry, but everyone with a muscle wasting condition. Please, will you donate now and spread that hope and support to even more families?

Michelle, Henry's mum.

Our Double Your Donation campaign means you can make twice the impact through just the one donation. Donate on the page below from 28 November and together we can change the future of muscle wasting conditions.

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