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MDUK recommends joining a patient registry for your specific condition, if one is available. Patient registries will inform participants about clinical trials and other research studies quickly and efficiently, and also provide an opportunity for you to share information about how your condition affects your life. This data can also be used to support clinical trial feasibility and planning, improve understanding of the natural history and prevalence of specific diseases, and understand and improve standards of care.

Learn more about neuromuscular patient registries for UK patients here. If you don’t live in the UK, or your condition is not listed, TREAT-NMD has a global list of registries here.

For people living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, DMD Hub Clinical Trial Finder provides accurate and up to date information regarding clinical trials in the UK.

If your condition is not listed, use the clinical trials tracker below to find out about relevant clinical trials that are recruiting near you.


Disclaimer: This ‘clinical trials finder’ tool is external software that is powered by Antidote; Muscular Dystrophy UK cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies that may occur when you use it.
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If you have any questions about a particular trial, or would like to know more about research into your condition, please contact our Research Line on 020 7803 4813 or at

We are aware that some muscle-wasting conditions cannot be recognised by the Antidote clinical trial finder. We are working closely with Antidote to address this and further develop the tool. If your condition is not recognised, or you have questions about any trials you find, please view our user guide or contact us directly.