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Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a fundraising hospital, meaning that charitable donations are key to making them what they are: a centre of paediatric excellence that the whole country depends on. Their aim for the 250,000 children that they treat each year is that their family knows that the care of their child is their most precious priority.

How to access the service

For use of the clinic a patient can be referred by a Paediatric, GP or consultant.

The team

Dr Tracey Willis

Consultant Neurologist

Doctor Tracey Willis is the lead consultant neurologist; her speciality research interests include MRI in Neuromuscular Conditions and Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. She was the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign fellow at the Institute of Human Genetics in Newcastle and was involved in designing and setting up the Global FKRP registry for limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2I, congenital muscular dystrophy and other FKRP related disorders.

Dr Helen Roper

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Roper is a consultant paediatrician specialising in muscle disease. Dr Roper runs clinics at Birmingham Children’s Hospital including joint clinics for congenital myotonia and metabolic myopathies.

Other key people in the team include:

  • Jane Clarke, Paediatric Respiratory Consultant



Clinics are held at Birmingham Children's Hospital

  • General Neuromuscular clinic
  • Myotonia/transition clinic
  • Metabolic clinic